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Company Profile

The Henriques' Family has lived in Hawaii for generations and have been business owners for over 35 years with a reputation for providing honest and dependable service.  In 2005 with the passage of the Bottle Redemption Bill, the operations expanded to
include RRR Recycling Services Hawaii, and provide additional redemption avenues for Hawaii’s residents.

RRR owner Dominic Henriques, lived in Oregon, while obtaining his B.S. Degree in Environmental Science and 
had first hand experience with bottle redemption and mandatory recycling. He believed the bottle bill and recycling
would be an important component in saving our natural resources through recycling.
RRR Recycling is headquartered on 2 acres in Campbell Industrial Park at 91-165 Kalaeloa Blvd.

Our process consists of collecting, segregating and baling commodity to be shipped to endusers worldwide for recycling into new products.  Materials collected include beverage containers (aluminum, plastic, bi-metal & glass), commercial cardboard and newspaper.  We work with businesses to develop recycling programs to reduce disposal fees. Since 2007 RRR Recycling has been the processor of the City & County of Honolulu's curbside "blue bin" commodity collection, helping the City recycle over 18,000 tons annually.

RRR's continual effort to increase efficiency included the installation of Hawaii's first semi-automated sortline. The sortline processes material in a timely manner with quality end products.  As a result, RRR is capable of increasing it's recycling capacity for commercial customers with optimal results.

Henriques' Family businesses include RRR Recycling Services & Fresh Catch Restaurants.

Owners Reno Henriques, Dominic Henriques & Linda Henriques


Dominic Henriques, President

Keala Murphy, Executive Assistant

Miki Henriques,  Human Resources

Please email resumes to:


RRR Recycling Services Hawaii 
Phone:  808-682-5600 Fax: 808-682-5603
Mailing:  P.O. Box 4660  Kaneohe, HI 96744    

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