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 All containers must be clean and empty

Crushed cans and plastic containers are acceptable.
Please remove lids/caps from plastic containers to insure containers are empty.

Containers should be separated by type:  Aluminum, Glass (sorted by color; Green; Clear; & Brown) & Plastic

Here are a few simple steps to follow upon your arrival to our site:

1) When you arrive make sure to inform an employee whether you:
* Would like a hand-count of your material (up to 200 items) or:
* Would like to weigh all your material using state certified scales

2) If you choose to weigh your material please inform our employees if you have separated your plastic containers by small and large sizes.
*Separation of smaller containers 17oz or less (i.e. red bull cans, etc.) insures accurate refunds

Non-HI-5 Material Accepted For Recycling  
*not all listed items are accepted at all locations (check our Locations page for details)
* Newspaper

* Bi-Metal Cans (can containers must be clean and not contain any food waste)

* Non-deposit plastic containers (limited to any container labeled with plastic code 1 or 2 is acceptable)

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RRR Recycling Services Hawaii 
Phone:  808-682-5600 or 808-845-9790   Fax: 808-682-5603
Mailing:  P.O. Box 4660  Kaneohe, HI 96744  

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